The Hobbit black arrow edition

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  • 27 “HD LCD full color display with a lot of specially made animations, film excerpts, point display, attraction mode, stylistically appropriate illustration on the head plate and many more.
  • Black powder-coated lockdown bar and side armor
  • RGB LED lighting on the field +
  • Super white LED general lighting
  • Full color digital printing housing and headboard illustration
  • 7 speakers 2.1 digital audio system
  • Premium clear lacquered playing field
  • Invisiglass – specially coated field disc that has almost no reflections
  • Shaker motor that makes the pinball vibrate depending on the game mode
  • Special coin door with additional headphone jack
  • 2 barrels on the pop bumper
  • Wide playing field layout for extra fun
  • Big spinning moving Smaug
  • Many metal ramps
  • 11 drop targets
  • And much more